Month: May 2020

No Country is an Island

Song by Richard Tuley: Taking Back Control   By Richard Tuley Perhaps it’s distasteful to mention Brexit. People are dying in droves, horribly. The Tories got a resounding mandate. Case closed. The British public bought the lie and now we… Read More ›

Ideas about Cuba and Che

By Phil Hall When we watched a film about the Mexican revolution starring Pedro Infante in 1997 my wife explained a little about what was going on to our teenage children: ‘Unfortunately, during the Mexican revolution, our family was on… Read More ›

Abandon the Cities!

The revolutionary environmentalist, Anandi Sharan, argues that to meet 2050 zero carbon emissions the government must give each of us 1/2 an acre of land. By Anandi Sharan Political economy in developed countries has as its aim some version or… Read More ›


Was Labour’s 2019 Election Defeat a Grave – Even Terminal – Defeat for Democracy Itself? By Richard House Now the dust has settled over five months on from last December’s general election defeat for Labour and all the accompanying whirlwind… Read More ›


By Paul Halas Why would a sane person go fishing? How many times have I been asked that question: what’s the big deal about going fishing? For the past few decades I’ve resorted to giving a glib answer slotted into… Read More ›

Poem of the Month

In Search of Salt – by Yogesh Patel There is a jungle in this desert! The baboons of media are having a breakfast of Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Write as much as you wish on the sand from your oasis, where your… Read More ›

Road of Dreams

Socialism? What are we talking about? By Dominic Tweedie The communists mean to show the way – as a vanguard – through revolution, to a classless, stateless condition called communism. The agent of revolution is not a communist party. Since… Read More ›

Down with Lockdown!

What do you do when the cure does you more harm than the disease? You stop taking it. Controversially, James Tweedie puts forward an argument for lock-down to be lifted. By James Tweedie, Plymouth, England, Friday May 15 th 2020… Read More ›

Holi, Holi, Holi

Celebrations in the streets of Dharavi, Mumbai By Andy Hall The principle practice  in street photography, and why I love it, is the immersive experience. That’s the only way you’re going to snatch those serendipitous, split-second moments you long for, as… Read More ›

To the undertakers

By Yogesh Patel To the undertakers A preview of myself is a hidden mirror in a selfie mirror. I have always been brutal on the soliloquising Houdini! Yet, I have kept vultures at bay in this Dakhma. The undertakers have… Read More ›

Mon Oncle

By Paul Halas On my very infrequent visits to Paris, passing Drancy Station on the RER suburban line between Orly Airport and Paris is always a poignant experience. My Uncle Ladis – Ladislaw – spent some time there during World… Read More ›

How to defeat Covid-19

By Phil Hall In China the barefoot doctors believed in prevention rather than cure. So how can we make societies like ours more resilient to pandemic infections like Covid-19? Well, we could advocate for a more humane society. That would… Read More ›