Breakfast toad in the hole

A cracker from the renowned Circus Chef.

“A bit of isolation cooking here. A breakfast toad in the hole and not one for the faint hearted. As we released the Giffords Circus cookbook a couple of days after lockdown began, we had some time to try out some different recipes and this one had been at the back of my mind waiting to be cooked. A mixture of a full English breakfast, pancakes and well a roast! It’s definitely one for a Sunday morning where you’re not bothered what it’ll do for your figure!”

Ols Halas ran away with Giffords in 2013, after working in various Cotswolds restaurants, pubs, hotels and a stint in the French Alps. He and his team serve dinner to guests in a vast traditional circus tent, with menus changing weekly according to the season and availability of local produce.

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