An Astrological Forecast for 2021

There will be no business as usual in a Promethean Year

By Adam Likley

Firstly, let me wish you all a happy new year, wherever you are in the world! 2020 was an awful   year for many and we have all suffered in one way or another either directly or indirectly.

I have been a quiet astrologer for the last 33 years, and have seen astrological trends come and go, watching as the planetary cycles quite beautifully mirror the events which manifest on planet earth. However, I do not believe that our destiny as the human race is fated. I am a firm believer in co-creation and the planets simply offer us opportunities for growth, even in the darkest of times. I would like you to bear this in mind when reading my predictions for 2021.

During 2021, the skies are relatively quiet compared to the last few years. However, there is one major planetary configuration which will no doubt define 2021 and 2022. That is the square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. This square will be exact in January, July, and November, so these months will prove to be sensitive cosmic hotspots. That being said, the aspect will still be close enough for influence throughout 2022, right through to the beginning of 2023. So, what themes will this throw up on a social and political level? Let me explain, in layman’s terms, what this will mean.

Technology continues its deafening march


Technology will continue its deafening march into all aspects of society throughout 2021, promising convenience, speed and efficiency, environmental friendliness, but little in terms of soul and human comfort. This is not the domain of Aquarius or Uranus. Aquarius represents the level-headed, quirky scientist, always 10 steps ahead of the curve (think Einstein and Tesla).


The presence of viruses will continue to be a dominant theme throughout 2021. When I say viruses, I am not talking about Covid-19 specifically. I would like to consider a virus in terms of potentially damaging, formless, existential threats. At the time of the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius on December 19th 2020, an announcement was made that a new strain, variant, or mutation of the virus had been detected in the U.K. This echoes typical Aquarian and Uranian themes that will continue to colour 2021.  It describes a new way, a change from the old, known thing, a new iteration. All these ideas speak of Uranus, the game changer, the great awakener, the eccentric. This has and will continue to promote fear, and will be particularly threatening to the older members of society or governments, or indeed the weak and vulnerable. Saturn rules time, the established order and the older members of society.

Computer Viruses

We should not be surprised if we see new and novel computer viruses threatening computer networks. These viruses, like Covid-19, will send shockwaves through online communities and potentially wreak enormous havoc. Particularly vulnerable will be the banking sector, and the stock exchange. I would not be surprised to see enormous disruptions in these areas as a result of some new virus seeping insidiously into these systems. In addition, there could be new viruses found in cattle, which may prove particularly dangerous (think Mad Cow Disease 2.0).

Youth Culture

Youth culture will demand a greater voice in 2021 and we will see new, outrageous styles in clothing and music. Style choices will be eclectic and flamboyant, avant-garde even, but not uniform and structured. Avant-garde and even shocking styles will emerge, with vivid colours being preferred, even illuminous (think back to those illuminous green and pink leg warmers of the ‘80’s)!  We will see a mixing of fashion styles from a blending of the old with futuristic ideas. We may even see technology woven into fabrics. These themes will be en vogue.

Art will also have an avant-garde flavour. Trends from the recent past of safe, conservative, and bland art will fade, and new art forms will appear. We will also see new developments in art technology.


Music will not follow any particular formula, only that it will be unpredictable.  Generic pop will be out and unusual, eclectic, electronic pop will be in. Anything that smacks of generic conservatism and tradition will be given a thumbs down and the more shocking, fresh, and eclectic will be favoured. We may even begin to hear ‘protest songs’ as the youth use music as a novel way to assert their increasing disquiet with the status quo. There may well be echoes of the 1960’s where mainstream artists used their platform to promote political agendas.

Traditional vs Alternative Healing

The old ways of doing things will fade into the background, and a spotlight will be firmly fixed on the future. All things futuristic will become the theme of the year. New and novel approaches to old problems will be tried and tested right across the board. Conservative approaches to old problems will be out and new approaches to old problems will be in. The old ways will simply be unable to function as they did. Old, threadbare systems will break down and new systems and solutions will be posited and experimented with. In matters of health, alternative health and medicine will become rather more mainstream where ‘alternative’ treatments for old problems will prove to have some success.  In addition, we will see a greater acceptance of astrology into mainstream society. It would not be surprising to hear mainstream figures who have hitherto remained silent on the subject of astrology, ‘coming out’ and declaring that they in fact consult an astrologer.


The Covid-19 vaccine will continue to prove divisive. On the one hand, some will say that we need more time to test and monitor the long-term effects of this new vaccine.  Others will be so keen to get back their freedom that they will take the shot, in a shot, so to speak. But if the reasons for taking the vaccine are to get back to business as usual, this is naïve. There will be no business as usual. As Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum said in Davos in 2020, Covid-19 provides an opportunity for a “Great Reset.”


We can expect large demonstrations around the world from members of society who do not feel their voice is being heard or who fear that the government have a dark agenda or who are simply corrupt.  Don’t be surprised to see peaceful demonstrations turn violent when the police try to curtail free speech and the freedom of assembly.

Finance and Digital Currencies

Novelty will also spring into the financial sector where new digital currencies gain more traction. Digital currencies will be rolled out on a much grander scale and have more mainstream appeal, so much so that it will challenge the old banking system. I’m not sure that one will supplant the other but they will certainly need to learn to live in harmony, side by side, as digital currency is here to stay.

Paperless society

Perhaps we will see a greater push towards a paperless society. New ways of dealing with old systems, for example, banking and money exchange. Resistance will come from those who like good old-fashioned money, but there will be a push forward that will come from the big tech companies who see profit in digitizing money.

Body tech

We may see an introduction of technological implants in the body which could alleviate physical problems. There will be screams of ‘bionic man’ from some quarters which may perhaps add further fuel to members of society who like to demonstrate, thus giving them another reason to take to the streets.   Implanting tech in order to alleviate pre-existing physical impairments, or devices that speed up and upgrade the physical body may well see big gains.  

Novelty will also spring into the financial sector where new digital currencies gain more traction. Digital currencies will be rolled out on a much grander scale and have more mainstream appeal, so much so that it will challenge the old banking system. I’m not sure that one will supplant the other but they will certainly need to learn to live in harmony, side by side, as digital currency is here to stay.

Territorial borders

We may well see the sudden closure of national borders, overnight. We have already seen this when many countries in Europe closed their borders to the U.K. when the new corona virus strain was declared.  Uranus acts quickly and likes to take people by surprise. In reaction to this, Saturn erects strong walls and boundaries for self-preservation.

Internet surveillance

Monitoring of the internet and social media will become more apparent and aggressive. New ideas that are contrary to conservative narratives will be silenced, in order to protect ‘business as usual’ models. But how successful this will be remains to be seen. When all is said and done, any attempts to try to hinder new narratives from spreading will prove futile. Air after all is uncontainable. It’s like trying to contain the virus, an air-born disease. You can arbitrarily close down national borders in the hope that it will simply go away. However, management of the issues will need to become the focus, as eradication of ideas that want to ‘go viral’ will prove impossible, though forceful attempts will be made.   The new policies, ideologies and inventions will be threatening to some, especially older members of society, but there will be little we can do to prevent the circulation of new ideas, thoughts, inventions, technology, all the domain of whacky, eccentric, zany and scientifically-minded Aquarius.

The Disenfranchised

The marginalized in society will be pushing hard to get their voices and opinions heard. Fringe groups with novel ideas will form tribes in great numbers. They will be galvanized and supported by the new the cosmic energies and will be pushing hard to gain ground in the mainstream. Of course, if they are a threat to mainstream narratives or society in general, their actions will be curtailed and attempts at silencing their voices will be made.

It will be a Promethean year

New Thought

We will see the birth of new intellectual concepts which will radicalize the way we view ourselves and the world in which we live. As an example, the transgender communities could posit that gender is simply a state of mind.  Radical thought such as this will no doubt anger traditionalists. Again, this just serves to highlight the tension that will be apparent between all that is new and novel and that which is traditional, comfortable, and known.  Compromise and effort will be required in order to satisfy both sides of the debates that will inevitably ensue and will need novel approaches to find resolutions.  

Stock Market

The banking and stock market crisis and crash of 2008 occurred under a harsh contact between Uranus and Saturn. As this is the predominant theme of 2021, I would not be surprised to see shockwaves tearing through the stock markets and the banking sector. Whether this is simply reform of the systems or a crash or series of crashes, remains to be seen. But one thing is certain, the financial sector will see great turbulence this year. If shocks do not happen in January, then pay careful attention to July and November.


Uranus also has dominion over the aviation industry, given that it rules the air element. As a consequence, we may well see hiccups in the aviation industry. That could include satellites malfunctioning, causing chaos. In addition, we can expect the aviation industry to be ‘in the dark’ so to speak for the whole of 2021. New life will begin to appear in the aviation industry once the south node of the moon in Sagittarius and the north node in Gemini shift signs and move into Capricorn and Cancer respectively, in January 2022.  Until then, we should expect that long distance travel will be actively discouraged. As a result, we will see many airlines declaring bankruptcy.


Live theatre will continue to suffer over the coming year, as will all large entertainment venues that used to treat humans like sardines in cans, favouring prosperity over health and safety. There will still be too much fear surrounding the transmission of viruses in large crowded venues and so any return to theatres, concert halls, and cinemas will be very limited. As a result, more entertainment will be online and we will see further developments in online entertainment from studio concerts to pre-recorded shows.

To summarize, 2021 will not be a return to ‘business as usual’. The great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on 19th December 2020 signalled a hugely significant once-in-a lifetime paradigm shift. In 2021, we will see a weeding out of the old and the introduction of the new, whilst laying the foundations for the new world.

Adam Lickley is an English Teacher, writer and traveller. Formerly a dancer and actor in musical theatre and then a barrister,  Adam now spends his time traveling the globe teaching English while at the same time trying to find answers to the small and large questions of life. He has also been an astrologer on the quiet for 33 years.

If you wish to know how the astrological alignments will impact you personally during 2021, you can contact Adam for a personal reading at  where he offers natal chart readings, or a year ahead consultation.

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