The Chinese student (was his name Bo?) told the professor what the problem was. Greenbaum looked down. He studied the page. Then he looked up and said to to the Chinese student.

‘Thank you very much. You are right. I will send a note to the publisher to make the change in the next edition.’

And there we have it. One of the greatest authorities working in English Grammer, with the book that won him the OM, conceding to a non-native speaker that he had made a mistake and thanking him for pointing it out.

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The right to protest is under attack by Priti Patel …

… and Twitter and Facebook are ready to silence us. By Gordon Liddle Twitter is not your friend. Facebook is not your friend. Social media organisations are, for the most part, corporate monopolies. If ever the time arises when the great unwashed try and organise to save themselves, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google will […]

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frozen wave against sunlight

Poems From the Heart: Sonnet Mondal

Ever since I stumbled on Sonnet Mondal’s poems, I have been captivated by their stunning simplicity and words evoking a magical experience. That he achieves this consistently is breath-taking.

In this occasional series, our aim is to connect you with some of these exceptional beauties I come across. These are rare, as they don’t need any awards.


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Worth a Royal Mention

Ars Notoria in Royal Society of Literature March news Inbox Mar 9, 2021 Dear Phil, Please note the Royal Society of Literature now sports our Poet of Honour series in their latest newsletter. See below a newsletter forwarded to the members. A link to Ars Notoria is also embedded. This is the recognition and fruit […]

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Tasneem Sheikh: Exhibition

In the summer of 2018, I was contemplating a thoughtful gift for my dear friend’s birthday. Peter is a beautiful soul and an amazing artist. I started working on a silhouette, canvas painting of Peter meditating alongside his favourite teacup and kettle, under the blissful light of the full moon. After a bit of trial and […]

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“Though cowards flinch…”

If not Labour, then who? In football you write off teams that miss open goal after open goal, and that is precisely what Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has done for the past year. Remember the centrists’ mantra during the Corbyn years, “with the Tories making such a mess of things Labour should be at least […]

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Cultural gatekeepers make for bad teachers

A bad native speaker teacher sees the British as we and the students as they, as ‘Johnny foreigner’. By Phil Hall For many years I taught Asylum Seekers. Many of them had been in the UK for quite a few years. What upset me was to come across young people who had been in the […]

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