Doha the capital city of Qatar

Why is the British media-state apparatus attacking Qatar?

Britain is punishing Qatar for interfering in UK domestic policy, for supporting Palestine and for getting closer to BRICS

by Philip Hall

Al Jazeera is Qatari and for many people it is a better, more honest news channel than the BBC. Remember the expose of the security state managed antisemitism crisis organised against Corbyn? This was a psyops British intelligence operation inflicted on Britain’s own people. Al Jazeera exposed it. The mainstream media in the UK ignored that expose, including the BBC.

It’s no coincidence that David Baddiel – the football guy – has a big, well-publicised piece of rhetoric on TV aired just after the England game. After exhibiting open racism on national TV, Baddiel claimed victimhood for UK Jews and refrained from strongly condemning Israel. The timing of the programme was an indirect attack on pro Palestinian Qatar. There is no real criticism of Israel or diaspora support for Israel in the UK mainstream media and Baddiel’s bland comments about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians in no way constitute a condemnation of the apartheid Zionist state.

In second place, Qatar was a colony of the UK. The UK set up these unequal states in the form they take now. They armed these monarchies (and so does the US) and it did so in order to control the oil and prevent the national resources of the Gulf nations from being taken over by democratic nationalist or even socialist governments and put to uses the UK (and US) didn’t – and still don’t – like.

Next, if the Qatari’s large investment in Britain and its funding of British football and of football related activities for decades doesn’t give them a right to hold the World Cup, it certainly should give them a free pass from the British establishment. Yet the BBC and other organisations attack them and insult them. As George Galloway has said. This is a manifestation of barely hidden hypocrisy, racism and resentment. Sour grapes!

The Emir complaining about the slandering of Qatar

The reason why millions of migrant workers go to work in the Gulf is to make money and help their families. While it is true that worker rights are poor and human rights abuses are common, people want to go there because, on average, they earn three times what they would in their own countries in Qatar at every level.

In other words, most, though not all, the migrant workers have the satisfaction of helping their families back home. Modi is very proud of the Emirates. He said the Emirates were the pride of India because India built the Emirates. Dubai is a microcosm of India. He said. There is much more good will than bad will towards the Gulf countries coming from the subcontinent.

Having set up conservative, repressive, tribal monarchies and supported them to the hilt, the UK acts as if butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth. The UK government and state media organs accuse Gulf societies of moral failure. Well, these observations are more than hypocritical given the UK role in foisting traditional tribal autocratic society on Gulf Arabs, and in arming and supporting them.

And while in law people are not permitted to be openly gay or lesbian, there is a thriving gay and lesbian culture that permeates to the roots of Gulf society. Should gay and lesbians be allowed to be open about their sexuality in the Gulf states? Of course they should! Are LGBT people persecuted? Some are, and very harshly. But these are societies with a strong, unspoken, underground gay culture – perhaps that culture is stronger in the Gulf states than it is in many other places in the world. Homosexuality is often tolerated by family and by friends.

So far, the two worst, most corrupting and warmongering nations on Earth, the UK and US, have used LGBT rights to grandstand in two World Cups. They have their cake and eat it.

The UK kills, aids in rendition, tortures, bombs, intervenes, invades, hides vast amounts of the stolen money of Western stooges, and helps organise coups. That’s just what it does now. Never mind the fact that Britain was the colonial force in the region for over a hundred years. In 1970, Britain was still the colonial power in charge of Qatar. Now, the UK hides behind LGBT rights in order to present itself as a moral actor in the world. Pull the other one. It’s got bells on it.

Why is the UK media-security apparatus attacking Qatar? It’s because of the perceived intervention of Qatar in British domestic policy. It is because Qatar is pro-Palestinian, and the Gulf states are threatening to break free and get closer to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, BRICS. That’s why.

What will be the effect of these blandishments coming from Tory-lead Britain, that paragon of responsible, democratic accountability? A concerted negative PR campaign won’t make Qatar or the Gulf States buckle under, that’s for sure.