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'While Ars Notoria has a declared political position, as one of the editors here I am not limited to it, but hold wider views. Poetry is democratic. Though my work is known for promoting diaspora poets, through this platform, I want to epitomise everything poetry, creating a space that is not black and white!'
Yogesh Patel received an MBE for literature in the Queen’s New Year Honours list 2020. Honoured also with the Freedom of the City of London, he edits eSkylark, runs Skylark Publications UK and a non-profit Word Masala project to promote SA diaspora literature. In 2020, Edxecel adopted his recent eAntholgy of Diaspora poets for the National Curriculum. Yogesh founded the literary charity, Gujarati Literary Academy. With LP records, films, radio, children’s book, fiction and non-fiction books, and three poetry collections to his credit, in 2017, he was presented to The Queen at Buckingham Palace. A recipient of many awards, including an honour in April 2019 at the New York University as a Poet-of-Honor, he has read in the House of Lords and at the National Poetry Library as well as at many prestigious venues around the world. His last collection of poems, Swimming with Whales, was published in 2017.

His writing has appeared in PN Review, The London Magazine, Shearsman, Asia Literary Review, Under the Radar, IOTA, Envoi, Understanding, Orbis, on BBC TV and Radio, and more. He is also anthologised in MacMillan, Redbeck and other anthologies. By profession, Yogesh is a qualified optometrist and an accountant. Author’s Websites: and

  • Poet of Honour: Vijay Seshadri

    Vijay Seshadri

    Poet of Honour is a celebration of some of our best contemporary poets who are nothing but an inspiration. This month Ars Notoria is thrilled to present the Pulitzer Prize winner, poet Vijay Seshadri.

  • Poem of the Month: Benjamin Cusden on the homelessness

    Benjamin Cusden is a poet who crossed over to the light from the darkness, and in the pamphlet, Cut The Black Rabbit, to be published on the date by Against The Grain Poetry Press. he presents the view from that darkness.

  • Poet of Honour: Mimi Khalvati

    white rose and pink smoke

    Mimi Khalvati was born in Tehran and has lived most of her life in London. She has published nine collections with Carcanet Press, including The Meanest Flower, shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize 2007, and Child: New and Selected Poems 1991-2011, a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation.

  • So You Want to be a Poet

    Publish and be damned, as the Duke of Wellington retorted! There is no one way to write poetry and there are many who would teach you poetry while they struggle themselves! There are no regulations regarding workshops. So please stumble and be bruised; choose workshops and mentors wisely. Success is not guaranteed. Do read poems, learn, read more, listen, read aloud, and follow your path. Even the likes of Walt Whitman and Lord Tennyson were condemned in their times! Many have explained poetry, only poetically, but no one can do so concretely. Here are other takes by various poets…

  • Poet of Honour: Nick Makoha

    The Founder of Obsidian Nick Makoha is a Ugandan poet and playwright and based in London. His debut Kingdom of Gravity was shortlisted for the Felix Dennis Prize and nominated by The Guardian as one of the best books of 2017.

  • Poet of Honour: Fiona Sampson

      March Lapwings       Now everythingbegins to moveand everything stayswhere it iseach ash treeand each hummockshifts againstitself eventhe grass shiftsand the electriclapwings crychange changebecause the commonmelts and flowseven the earthflows like thawingice how lostthe senses arein this disturbancehere… Read More ›

  • Tabla Tarangam!

    Yogesh Patel A recent report exposes short comings of many publishers in the UK. Albeit, to call the behaviour racist would be unacceptable. I have met many and they are anything but. However, a burrito of ignorance and arrogance spiced… Read More ›

  • Poet of Honour: Steven O’Brien

    Pearl Fishers by Steven O’Brien Such ember-gold in your eyes,As no other girlAnd deep church-glass green,Purple, soft as smoke. Some daybreak soonWhen our blackbird is a high minstrelAbove the rippling treesSlip your hand in mine,No other girl but you And… Read More ›

  • Binary

    by Yogesh Patel Saddens me we are binaryto my skin.Grandpa used to tell me a lie.Prof Macaulay would throwthe answer papers in the air.The ones landing on the table would pass!There is no random indiscrimination in most discriminations. Never for… Read More ›

  • Poet of Honour: George Szirtes

    George Szirtes We remain rainless. The late sun draped on washing like a faded flag. This is our nation with its fabled history of bloom, fight and fade. We’re fading. Leaders at press briefings continue to conjure the great spirit… Read More ›