Harry Greenberg Reflects on a First Creative Project From His Early Teens I have restored the family heirloom. It was handed down and went with the family wherever they went. Some of them said, ‘For God’s sake, leave it behind, lose it in transit; who wants it? Who needs it?’ But it was never lost […]

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Making Society Fit for Children

Challenging the Neoliberal Onslaught By Richard House I recently interviewed tireless childhood campaigner Sue Palmer for the Morning Star on her campaigning work for children’s well-being.1 Sue founded and runs the excellent Upstart! organisation in Scotland,2 is the author of a number of children-related books, including her international best-seller Toxic Childhood,3 and with Sue I […]

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Are Ofsted’s Days Now Numbered?

A new paradigm for school accountability and improvement is long overdue – and a judicial review against Ofsted currently being led by QC Michael Mansfield may well hasten the process. By Richard House In its manifesto for the December 2019 general election, It’s Time for Real Change the Labour Party refreshingly said the following: Schools are […]

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