How to celebrate the Day of the Dead

… and a calavera for the selfish By Phil Hall So you have lived deep and extracted all the sweetness out of life, and you have had your last meal. But, what food and drink would you like people to remember you by? What wafting smell would have the power to conjure you up from the […]

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British Artists in Mexico

England is, as far as colours go, fairly subdued and uniform. Mexico is the opposite By Simon Brewster Although I have lived and worked in Mexico for almost 40 years, my first impressions of the country are still very vivid. After landing in Mexico after a stopover in the Bahamas, as we drove into the […]

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The Poetry of Markets

The highest Mexican poetic sentiment, higher than all the others, was the symbol of flowering. By Phil Hall One of the greatest pleasures in my grandfather’s life was to visit the market in Cannes, to admire the variety and quality of the produce on offer and to chat to some of the stallholders. Covered markets […]

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