Editorial, July 2020

In July we began the month with a powerful argument against Rebecca Long-Bailey’s dismissal by Richard House published by Paul Halas. It had a large number of other signatories. The article was widely read and then republished elsewhere. There is… Read More ›


By Keith Woodhouse   The night was over And the sea curds crackled And bent, crisply, in the deadening rays Of morning, As she sank into the bank Of the sand speckled Tulip blossom And angry Red spangled pupil sun…. Read More ›

Letters from Paul Robeson

Selected by Dominic Tweedie from: Paul Robeson Speaks: Writings, Speeches, Interviews, 1918-1974 Paul Robeson was a superstar in the USA in the 1930’s and 40’s despite the fact that he was African American. In 1915 he was twice an All… Read More ›

Fascism and Conspiracy

Modern conspiracy theory and the appeal of fascism and racism for the working class By Bryan Greetham In my first contribution to this discussion about fascism I examined the claim that fascism was a last ditch response to failing capitalism…. Read More ›

Tabla Tarangam!

Yogesh Patel A recent report exposes short comings of many publishers in the UK. Albeit, to call the behaviour racist would be unacceptable. I have met many and they are anything but. However, a burrito of ignorance and arrogance spiced… Read More ›

Editorial: June 2020

Welcome to the monthly editorial and welcome to Ars Notoria. Strangely enough, the editorial for June 2020 will be published before the editorial for May 2020, but that is the arsy-varsy, topsy-turvy world of online publishing these days. We are… Read More ›


A short appraisal by MERVYN HYDE As a baby boomer, born one month after the war in Japan ended and growing up in a working class family, I grew up along with the welfare state and the NHS. From the… Read More ›


How we regained faith in politics By Paul Halas Jeremy Corbyn was a phenomenon. This relatively obscure politician emerged from the backbenches to lead the party five years ago, and almost tripled the Labour Party membership. Labour became the biggest… Read More ›

Allow Me to Spit!

In the USA racism is the collateral damage caused by social inequality and injustice, and a history of slavery, segregation and discrimination. By Phil Hall ‘Killer Mike’ in his emotional response compared the killing of George Floyd by a policeman… Read More ›

The decade of political idolatry

It’s staggering that as the world spiralled into a political death loop over the past decade, and trust overall in our electoral systems has taken a severe beating, that another phenomena should have come about: the political icon. Leaders have,… Read More ›

Brave Green World

Can we look forward to a more sustainable future when the Coronavirus virus recedes? By PAUL HALAS For the first time in years the smog has cleared over San Francisco, Beijing, Delhi and Los Angeles. The criss-cross vapour trails in… Read More ›