Kathryn’s Windfall

Episode 1: The Transsexual Stumbles By James R. McGuire Fall, 2004                         BRANDON (to AUDIENCE. Beat. SFX phone ringing) The phone rings and it’s my transsexual father. I allow the voicemail to pick up as always. Then, two minutes later, I retrieve the message…                         KATHRYN (on voicemail) Brandon, I’ve called you three times. I […]

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The Transsexual Trilogy: by James McGuire

Ars Notoria is proud to present a taster podcast of the powerful, partly autobiographical, trilogy of novels by James Royce McGuire. James Royce McGuire James Royce McGuire’s plays have been performed at Circle Rep, The Drama Book Shop and Cornelia Street Café in New York among many others. His first full length play, “Daddy Kathryn”, […]

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