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Six Poems by Peter Adair

London, 1983 O I had a future. Patrick Kavanagh Once there was a bedsit the size of a coffin. Once there was a man pounding out on his typewriter short stories that never made the classic Irish canon. The inmates twist and turn on their celibate beds. Each avoids the other, scuttling up and down […]

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Escaping the Monkey Trap

By Bryan Greetham. We are busy producing a generation of the most sophisticated recyclers of received opinion In Robert Pirsig’s best-selling book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, he describes ‘the old South Indian Monkey Trap’, which consists of a coconut, which has been hollowed out and chained to a stake. Inside there is […]

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The Right are dominating public discourse – so why are they still so angry?

By Emil Blake It’s rare for politicians not to smile. Even the most insincere daren’t show anything but the warmth, comfort and confidence of a smile; the most sour-faced of politicos fake it until they make it. It’s government 101, it says ‘hey, I really do mean this.’ Weather-beaten by the political tempests and low […]

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Return the gold to Venezuela

by Francisco Dominguez On July 2nd 2020 British Judge Nigel Teare, with regard to a Central Bank of Venezuela litigation for 31 tons of gold entrusted to the Bank of England to be returned to the Venezuelan state, issued a verdict in favour of ‘interim president” Juan Guaidó. The real Venezuelan government has proposed that […]

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