Poet of Honour: Steven O’Brien

Pearl Fishers

by Steven O’Brien

Such ember-gold in your eyes,
As no other girl
And deep church-glass green,
Purple, soft as smoke.

Some daybreak soon
When our blackbird is a high minstrel
Above the rippling trees
Slip your hand in mine,
No other girl but you

And laugh with flashes of river jade
In your gaze.
Then vanish with no one but me-

Like two pearl fishers
Under the pale falling whisper
Of the blue dawning moon.


“Blue moon” by Andreietta is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Steven O’Brien is an Irish writer with specialisms in mythography, poetry and prose. He is Editor of The London Magazine and course leader for the MA in Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth. He sings in the traditional Sean Nós style.

Secretary General of The G20 Foundation
Editor of The London Magazine
Most Recent Publication – https://britannicmyths.com/
Trustee of the Patrons of Vatican Art Treasures
Chief Political Advisor to the Centre for Issues and Crisis Management
Peace Ambassador for Iraq
Advisor to the Vatican’s Institute of Human Dignity
Member of Russian International Affairs Council
Soppy Ha’porth

Journalism – Regular Contributor to Huffington Post, Gramarye, Arab Weekly, Middle East Online
Older Publications: The Great Game: An Imperial Adventure (Endeavour Press) Fiction
Scrying Stone (Greenwich Press) Poetry
Dark Hill Dreams (Agenda Press) Poetry

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