Two Tall Trees

Two Tall Trees

There’s a window in the bathroom and if you stand at the bottom of the stairs you can see 2 tall trees through it.

And if you walk 2 steps up you can see the leaves on the 2 tall trees through the window in the bathroom.

And at 9 and something in any given June you can see the sun setting through the leaves on the 2 tall trees through the window in the bathroom.

I don’t know what will be of me, or what will be of you, or of the poor bees.

But I think perhaps, when enough years have passed, when my mind starts putting out its own flames and and becomes slow burning wood.

I’ll close my eyes and see,

The sun setting through the leaves, on the 2 tall trees, you can see through the window in the bathroom.

By Eve Hall

Eve Hall

Eve Hall is currently completing a degree in Arts Management at Goldsmith’s University where she is on the governing board as a student representative. Eve moved from Mexico City to London when she was young. She also lived for a period in Johannesburg. For three years Eve participated in the Youth Theatre at the Rose. She acted in several plays. Her last play was Animal Farm. She also co-directed several plays for the company including A Doll’s House by Ibsen. Despite being commended on her monologue performance by both the director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Anthony Hopkins she decided that she preferred the arts to acting. She set up and ran an arts workshop programme for children in Uruapan Michoacan, Mexico in 2018. In 2019 she ran weekly life drawing classes at a cinema in South East London. Eve has worked intensively in events management and is currently contracted to the Tate events management team. She is a talented artist and poet.

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