Araminta: The story of an Austin 10

By Eve Hall We bought Araminta the day after the doctor told us we would soon be the proud parents of twins. Until then, we’d found our scooter perfectly adequate – it was simply a matter of wedging our two-year-old son between driver and pillion passenger. But by no stretch of ingenuity could we fit […]

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What the Left Sometimes Forgets about Israel

The longing for a homeland is legitimate and the result of two millennia of European persecution   By Phil Hall When my mother was four, it was 1940. She was in Paris with her own mother, a German. Before my grandfather, an Austrian Jew, swept her off her feet, Granny Lisa lived in Frankfurt and […]

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From the forthcoming memoir: Eve and Tony

Extract originally published in The London Magazine By Eve Hall My heroine of very early days was Joan of Arc, whom I loved passionately. I dreamed of martyrdom and detested the English soldiers who burned her at the stake.  Every Friday afternoon I used to wait for my mother outside my boarding school, buttoned up […]

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