Do you feel lucky, punk?

Tales of Macau, the biggest poker game in the world By Thomas Levene This article is, in part, my personal poker journey and, partly, an insight into the mysterious and secretive world of nose-bleed cash games that just get bigger and bigger. The elegant Wynn, in Macau Cilade de Sintra, Macau, overlooking Nam Van Lake, […]

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group of persons wearing yellow safety helmet during daytime

Why the Asian Century for China, may never arrive

By Tobias Devene When China Rules the World, China: The Emerging Superpower, How Economic Reform is creating a New Superpower, and China, the Remaking of the World Order. These are all titles of books about China and how it will rise, inevitably to be the next global superpower. The idea of China’s 21st century dominance […]

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So, is London finished as a leading financial hub?

Not so fast! By Thomas Levene The City of London is the goose that laid the golden egg. Not even the left in the UK want to kill it. Ken Livingstone, a great hero of the left and the former leader of the GLC, advocated for The Square Mile because he knew that, realistically, the […]

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Is Bitcoin really “rat poison squared”?

Bitcoin offers financial freedom and independence. By Thomas Levene If Bitcoin, is such a groundbreaking technology, why has it received such negative press? Bitcoin has been labelled ‘rat poison squared’ by Warren Buffett. It has been declared dead a whopping 401 times and counting. Well, one thing is for sure, Bitcoin isn’t dead and Warren […]

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