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  • #1 Depression

    Ars Notoria is pleased to present the first episode in the comic series by Dan Pearce.

  • How to defeat Covid-19

    By Phil Hall In China the barefoot doctors believed in prevention rather than cure. So how can we make societies like ours more resilient to pandemic infections like Covid-19? Well, we could advocate for a more humane society. That would… Read More ›


    By Paul Halas Our television has led a charmed life in recent weeks. Every time a Conservative minister appears behind a lectern emblazoned with “Protect the NHS” it’s a miracle the set isn’t smashed by a flying vase. Abraham Lincoln… Read More ›

  • Why?

    “we hope we have not cast a Pearl before the swine, but set a glass before the grateful doves.” From Robert Turner 12 March 1656  make my tongue as a sharp knife to ever express a special eloquence these things, words… Read More ›