Obituary: Bryan Greetham, teacher, writer and thinker

By Pat Rowe Bryan Greetham (1946-2022) the writer and thinker, died on Sunday 26th June in Estepona, Spain. Above all, Bryan wanted to help students of all ages be the best thinkers possible. Bryan was born in Faversham, Kent. He failed the 11 plus exam and went to a secondary modern school. But this didn’t […]

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Material Monism: Just One Thing…

Mathematics, Substance, Consciousness by Martin Clewett There are hundreds of theoretical physicists thinking about how to properly construct a mathematical description of the universe consistent with all the measurements we have so far made of it. Properly means the mathematical description must produce new predictions that can be checked.  There are two accepted mathematical descriptions. […]

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The philosophy of Iris Murdoch

by Jon Elsby During her lifetime, Iris Murdoch was probably better known – and more highly esteemed – as a novelist than as a philosopher. Privately, Isaiah Berlin once called her ‘a lady not noted for the clarity of her ideas’.’ Yet she taught philosophy at St Anne’s College, Oxford for several years, and, since […]

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Escaping the Monkey Trap

By Bryan Greetham. We are busy producing a generation of the most sophisticated recyclers of received opinion In Robert Pirsig’s best-selling book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, he describes ‘the old South Indian Monkey Trap’, which consists of a coconut, which has been hollowed out and chained to a stake. Inside there is […]

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