Guest poet

Anandi Sharan Giving and receiving Giving and receiving isa matter of systems-logic.Listen to the poets!Here it is,metabolising civilisation.Is it not timeto make love?The rest is not in our control.It is up to the system.I once had a mad lifeand was bound tophilosophise toget through the day.Hard to tellwhether I had something to say,let alone write […]

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Abandon the Cities! Go back to the forests and the fields!

Land redistribution would help the British to adapt to a net zero GHG emission society. by Anandi Sharan The revolutionary environmentalist, Anandi Sharan, argues that to meet 2050 zero carbon emissions the government must give each of us 1/2 an acre of land. Political economy in developed countries has as its aim some version or […]

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You are in for a big surprise

Sandeep Saxena wants us to grow our food in forests By Anandi Sharan Sandeep Saxena graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology and the India Institute of Management and from a postgraduate in the USA before going to work for Templeton Franklin. During his time there he was asked to investigate the viability of investing […]

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