The Right are dominating public discourse – so why are they still so angry?

By Emil Blake It’s rare for politicians not to smile. Even the most insincere daren’t show anything but the warmth, comfort and confidence of a smile; the most sour-faced of politicos fake it until they make it. It’s government 101, it says ‘hey, I really do mean this.’ Weather-beaten by the political tempests and low […]

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The decade of political idolatry

It’s staggering that as the world spiralled into a political death loop over the past decade, and trust overall in our electoral systems has taken a severe beating, that another phenomena should have come about: the political icon. Leaders have, of course, always commanded a certain reverence. Charisma, good looks and oratory skills help elevate […]

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Kondratiev and the next K-Wave

Now AI is Coming for the Middle-Class By Emil Blake In 1925 a Russian economist, called Nikolai Kondratiev published a book called Major Economic Waves in which he predicted the rise and fall of economic prosperity driven by new, era-defining technologies. The crux of it, according to Kondratiev, was that economic cycles last 40-60 years. […]

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