EDITORIAL: Ars Notoria is a stone in the water …

… and we are going to make a splash! * It is fun to throw a stone into a pond and watch the ripples; to post an article on the Internet and then to see echoes of it later on – usually without any attribution. People find out about the subjects that interest them through […]

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Editorial, July 2020

In July we began the month with a powerful argument against Rebecca Long-Bailey’s dismissal by Richard House published by Paul Halas. It had a large number of other signatories. The article was widely read and then republished elsewhere. There is no question, but that it was read by key figures in the Labour Party who […]

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Editorial: June 2020

Welcome to the monthly editorial and welcome to Ars Notoria. Strangely enough, the editorial for June 2020 will be published before the editorial for May 2020, but that is the arsy-varsy, topsy-turvy world of online publishing these days. We are up and running at a minimal cost and it has been barely seven weeks since […]

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