Poet of Honour: Mimi Khalvati

Mimi Khalvati was born in Tehran and has lived most of her life in London. She has published nine collections with Carcanet Press, including The Meanest Flower, shortlisted for the TS Eliot Prize 2007, and Child: New and Selected Poems 1991-2011, a Poetry Book Society Special Commendation.

So You Want to be a Poet

Publish and be damned, as the Duke of Wellington retorted! There is no one way to write poetry and there are many who would teach you poetry while they struggle themselves! There are no regulations regarding workshops. So please stumble and be bruised; choose workshops and mentors wisely. Success is not guaranteed. Do read poems, learn, read more, listen, read aloud, and follow your path. Even the likes of Walt Whitman and Lord Tennyson were condemned in their times! Many have explained poetry, only poetically, but no one can do so concretely. Here are other takes by various poets…

Poet of Honour: Nick Makoha

The Founder of Obsidian Nick Makoha is a Ugandan poet and playwright and based in London. His debut Kingdom of Gravity was shortlisted for the Felix Dennis Prize and nominated by The Guardian as one of the best books of 2017.


By Keith Woodhouse   The night was over And the sea curds crackled And bent, crisply, in the deadening rays Of morning, As she sank into the bank Of the sand speckled Tulip blossom And angry Red spangled pupil sun…. Read More ›

Poet of Honour: Fiona Sampson

  March Lapwings       Now everythingbegins to moveand everything stayswhere it iseach ash treeand each hummockshifts againstitself eventhe grass shiftsand the electriclapwings crychange changebecause the commonmelts and flowseven the earthflows like thawingice how lostthe senses arein this disturbancehere… Read More ›

Two Poems

A Storm A storm is brewing. Rain is sudden, heavy, falling with shadows, a thunder of echoes on the horizon. The summer air is thick and slow, waiting to be moved by a long awaited wind. Soon, raised hands will… Read More ›


by Yogesh Patel Saddens me we are binaryto my skin.Grandpa used to tell me a lie.Prof Macaulay would throwthe answer papers in the air.The ones landing on the table would pass!There is no random indiscrimination in most discriminations. Never for… Read More ›

Guest poet

Anandi Sharan Giving and receiving Giving and receiving isa matter of systems-logic.Listen to the poets!Here it is,metabolising civilisation.Is it not timeto make love?The rest is not in our control.It is up to the system.I once had a mad lifeand was… Read More ›

Poem of the Month

In Search of Salt – by Yogesh Patel There is a jungle in this desert! The baboons of media are having a breakfast of Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Write as much as you wish on the sand from your oasis, where your… Read More ›

To the undertakers

By Yogesh Patel To the undertakers A preview of myself is a hidden mirror in a selfie mirror. I have always been brutal on the soliloquising Houdini! Yet, I have kept vultures at bay in this Dakhma. The undertakers have… Read More ›